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Splink is a white-label solution that provides merchant service providers, banks and financial institutions with the infrastructure to expand quickly and cost effectively into the digital payments space.

By integrating our tech into your product offering, you can help your clients to maximise their transaction volume, create recurring revenue and reduce hardware and processing costs. Additionally, as transaction volumes increase for your clients, your business will benefit from additional processing fees, upsell opportunities, new recurring revenue and a competitive edge that reduces customer churn to your competitors

How Splink White-label Can Benefit Your Business?

Time and Speed

Splink allows you to offer additional services to your customers quickly. Our software can be customised to appear fully branded as your own. With Splink, your end client will only see your company name and branding. We can offer our tech, as your product, in a matter of days and weeks, rather than months.

Knowledge and Quality

We have experienced the failures, learnings and costs associated with creating a quality product and can offer the benefits of this to your business for a fraction of the cost of creating it yourself. Our platform has been streamlined and improved to ensure an optimal user experience and a flexible infrastructure, based on feedback and results from our clients over the past 5 years. We offer a superior customer experience, both for users and payees, and a customisable payments solution that can be adapted for your business needs.

Provide Value for Your Customers

Our digital payments solution for businesses reduces waiting times for payments and maximises transaction volume for your clients. For payment providers, merchant service providers and banks, Splink can offer a new or superior solution that helps your customers to increase revenue and helps you to increase retention and recurring revenue.

How Splink White-label Can Benefit Your Customer

We white-label our product, so that you can operate our full product under your own brand.

Get Paid Faster

Get Paid Upfront

No Hardware Cost


Cost Effective

Recurring Revenue

Take Payment Anywhere on App

Splink White-label is the perfect solution for your business to expand into digital payments and to compete in an increasingly digitally focused environment. Contact us today to see if we can help your business.


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