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splink makes it easier than ever before to start accepting online payments. Our suite of features ensures you can fully customise the payment journey for your customers and manage your invoices.

With splink we give you 3 payment features

Take card payments instantly in person or over the phone. No more terminal costs and fees, with splink your device becomes the terminal. As long as you have a desktop or mobile device, splink has you covered; allowing you the flexibility to take card payments from your customers right when you need to. It’s as simple as adding your customers name, the amount they need to pay and their payment details.

With our Payment Request link you can send requests by SMS, email or both. Input the amount owed, a description and the customers contact information and we’ll take over from there. If the request isn’t paid, we’ll send gentle automatic reminders so you don’t have to.

Our Shop feature allows you to have one central page, to create unlimited links, for all of your products and services. The customer simply selects what they want and fills in any additional information you want to collect.

How to Get Started for Free in 3 Easy Steps


Sign Up

Visit and navigate to Get Started. You’ll be directed to the sign up page where you can select your currency, input your business name and select the appropriate colours to suit your branding.


Take a Payment Instantly

Take a Payment, Send a Payment Request or set up a Shop. Taking and Requesting Payments is as easy as inputting the name of your customer, their contact details and the amount owed. Want to set up a shop? No problem. Just type in the name of the item, the price and any additional information fields you need to collect such as size or address. This will generate a simple payment link that you can share with your customers. 


Get Paid

Take payment, Request Payment or share your Shop link. You can quickly and easily track, review and manage payments from your dashboard. We’ll notify you when a payment is received and if a payment is overdue we’ll send a nudge to your customer.  

Did You Know

92% of all payment requests get paid within 3 days with splink? Our reminders work on a sequence so you don’t have to spend time chasing payments

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