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Cash is King but Cash Flow is better. The best way to future proof your business is to ensure you have money coming in when you need it. Understanding and managing your cash flow is key to planning and growing for your future and splink is here to make it easier.

Here’s our 5 Top Tips to Strengthen Your Cash Flow

With our custom Add Ons, we make the process even easier and you can control them all from your splink dashboard.

Here’s how to use them:

 01. Send out invoices early

Giving your customers ample time to pay is key. Send your invoices out early with clear guidelines on what they’re paying for and when it’s due. splink lets you attach an invoice and customise sequencing so your customer knows what and when to pay. Simple.

 02. Offer different payment options

Here at splink we love options. splink lets you accept card payments from all major providers. We even accept Apple Pay and Google Pay, so your customers can pay directly from their phones. No more excuses.

 03. Track payments and send reminders

We all forget things sometimes, especially bills. Especially bills we don’t want to pay. It can be hard to keep calling and emailing customers and clients, even more so when it’s costing you hours of admin time a week. 

Don’t like chasing up payments yourself? We do! splink will pop up just as your customer forgets you and your payment request exists. Our gentle reminders will be sent in sequence to your customers phone or email until the request is paid.

 04. Develop recurring revenue or subscription models

Nothing says Healthy Cash Flow like recurring revenue. Subscriptions? We’ve got it. Installments? We’ve got it. Use our recurring payments feature to set your payment up once and have it automatically pulled from their account; weekly, monthly or annually, you choose.

 05. Utilise your marketing and retargeting customers

How well do you know your customers? We know them pretty well, and you can too. Use our Custom Data capture feature to add data fields to your payments. Emails, invoice numbers, addresses and even how they like their coffee. You ask the questions, we collect the answers. You can use this data to retarget and remarket to your existing customers, and target people like them.

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